Commercial Compliance in Logistics and Supply Chain Activities

Commercial Compliance in Logistics and Supply Chain Activities



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Commercial compliance means that your company fulfills its legal obligations and applies internationally recognized laws and procedures in the field of logistics and supply chain activities. Commercial compliance of the company achieves a number of important results such as reducing the risk of fines and penalties, reducing work stoppage, disruption or closure, and it also helps you improve work procedures and working conditions. In your company. When you apply commercial compliance rules, you reduce the chance that someone or a company will sue you for non-fulfillment of legal obligations

Course content:

  • Recognize the basic concepts: supply chains - logistics - commercial compliance
  • Commercial Compliance Elements
  • Customs rules - Harmonized customs code - Customs assessment
  • INCO Terms and their Relationship to Customs Evaluation
  • Trade compliance relationship and costs of export and import operations
  • The impact of commercial compliance on the competitiveness of supply chains and facilitation of logistics operations